EGX Rezzed 2017 Highlights

So just over a month ago was EGX Rezzed (already flown by!!) and in just under a month is MCM Comic Con (for which I am already working hard on a costume with the help of Andy 😛 . Literally fingers and toes are crossed right now).

Stuck in the middle means reminiscing all the good times from one event whilst cracking on with projects for another.

The fun simply never stops!

In case you missed EGX Rezzed this year up at London’s Tobacco Dock or wasn’t able to pop round to much, here are my highlights.


This was by far my favourite room. The size and layout this year were perfect. It was epic and easy to go around and try out games without getting confused on where/what you’ve done so far, plus due to it’s size, it never felt packed which was brilliant (especially for someone who can easily get trampled, trust me).

[envira-gallery id="2357"]

On top of that there were some really nice merch stands within this room too, meaning you can easily jump from testing games to spending money mwahahaaa. No but on a serious note it was a nice convenience to have it all close together. Speaking of merchandise…


…Didn’t seem as many stands as in previous years, but what they did have seemed a hit. People were crowding and spending, and Andy and I may have had a cheeky t-shirt purchase, or 2 (or 3 lol). But definitely hope next year they bring in a few more again as in previous years. I know it’s a small event but let’s not make it diddy.


This was a massive let down and the only negative point I have to be quite honest. Having gone in previous years we grew used to all the delicious options for food from around the world we could purchase and we were looking forward to having some this year since we couldn’t fit it all in last year (I love my food but even I get full believe it or not). On top of that, they normally have multiple hot drinks and snack stands on both levels of the venue but this year there was literally only the one main food stand with a very small variety of food might I add (burgers/chips/sandwiches/boring), and possibly one other beverages stand. Now it might just have been a Friday thing, since that’s when Andy and I went, but either way that was a disappointment.


Despite it not being a big thing at Rezzed, there were still a few people dressed up and that is always something I love seeing! There were some pretty awesome cosplayers at the event 😀 so thanks again to you guys for turning up as all sorts of characters. Totally appreciate all the hard work and time that’s gone into those costumes!


I LOVE THE VIBE! The people are always so nice. There was this one girl we bumped into called Wendy who was representing Guns of Icarus Alliance and she was crazy (in a good way) and really excitable (could totally relate :D) but I absolutely loved it! One word sprang to mind regarding her representing skills: passion. It’s clear that people there are very passionate about their work and so they should be. But it’s not just about the games (believe it or not). It’s a community of people with common interests coming together. A lovely social event. It’s always nice every single year to see new faces and old ones too (Matt Lees was definitely a nice surprise but we never managed to find Bratterz)! I love visiting events, but there is something about Rezzed that just makes it feel more laid back and relaxed, so if you’re someone who’s not a fan of all the hectic, jam-packed events and have never been, I would highly recommend trying out Rezzed!


You probably wondered when I was finally going to get to that. So I tried my best to try out as many as possible, mostly those in the Indie Room but there were also some hidden gems in the Leftfield Collection. Here’s a list of my top games to try and why:

  • Phantom Halls – quirky look to it with fun dynamics. Don’t forget your flash light otherwise you may end up totally screwed.
  • See You On The Other Side – such an interesting idea playing with light and shadow to progess your character and complete levels. 3D puzzle based brainteaser in which I may have made a slight fool of myself at first (needed coffee lol) but totally redeemed myself on the final level of the demo. Definitely one I will want to try out for sure.
  • The Siege and the Sandfox – beautiful atmosphere within this stealth based platformer.
  • Deckbound Spears – so much fun! Just try it! You get to play as the cutest little crazy characters throwing spears at each other. Bring your friends round for a laugh or get the family together, just remember, there can be only one victor.
  • Slime Rancher – if you ever fancy flying off to a far off planet and wrangling slimes (that all look super cute by the way) this is for you :).
  • The Adventure Pals – got to try this one out with Andy, and we both enjoyed it. Fun look, and fun to play. Reminds me of our Castle Crashers Let’s Plays.
  • Aerea – music-themed action game with again a wonderfully vibrant and interesting look. The top-down camera reminds me of Magicka but had waaaaaaaayyyyy simpler controls so I actually stood a chance.
  • Chalo Chalo –  OMG!!!! Had so much fun playing this with Andy as well as a few strangers who suddenly joined in. I had told them I don’t do well losing, and miraculously I actually won! And trust me they did not make it easy for me, it was close! But it’s one of those games where it’s better to have a few more players involved to make it more interesting. Highly competitive but such a good laugh. Another one to get the friends and family together. Just hope you all get along after 😉 (sore losers you have been warned). In brief, it’s a racing game that doesn’t necessarily focus on speed, but tactics and taking the best route to beat everyone else to the finish!
  • The Town of Light – this game intrigued me the most! I never got a chance to play it unfortunately but I did stay and watch a bit whilst chatting to the lovely Al. Found out so much from him in regards to the game which made it even more fascinating! The amount of work that’s gone into the look of the game is undeniable, however after hearing that it’s based on real facts, locations and extensive (and I mean extensive) research as well as the insane amount of detail (someone clearly has a lot of patience), it made me realise how on Earth could I not put this on my list of highlights! Disturbing, intense and insightful.

Now bear in mind this is merely a handful that made it to my list. There were many games there that were fun to try, so be sure to check out the following link if you wish to find out any further information on them:


And let’s not forget my partner in crime who makes all these experiences so much more fun! Found a great pic of us at the event. Thanks Andy, now let’s get back to work on my costume :D!


All in all, EGX Rezzed was once again a great experience. Big enough to make it worth your while yet small enough to enjoy a more relaxed feel over the almost claustrophobic craziness of other events throughout the year. If you’ve never been to any such event, it would be a nice way to start out and dip your toes into this world of gaming. Plus it’s location is so easily accessible, no need to stress. Hopefully see you there next year!



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